Yeats, W. B.

Larrissy, Edward.
From: 14.00
Kermode, Frank
From: 3.00
Cox, C B & Dyson, A E, Editors
From: 5.00
Cox, C. B.; Dyson, A. E. (eds.)
From: 4.00
Cox, C.B. and Dyson, A.E. (Editors)
From: 5.00
Faulkner, Peter
From: 12.00
Allen, Richard and Harish Trivedi (editors).
From: 8.00
Leavis, F. R. and Q. D. Leavis.
From: 12.00
Yeats, W. B. and edited by A. Norman Jeffares.
From: 3.00
Stewart, J. I. M.
From: 10.00