West Riding

Joy, David
From: 2.00
Spence, Richard T, H W Dalton, A J Arnold and others.
From: 3.50
Yelland, Charles (foreword by Dennis Healey).
From: 8.00
Ferrett, Mabel
From: 12.00
Hutton, Barbara and Joyce Martin.
From: 6.50
Smith, Ken Edward.
From: 4.00
Sugden, Marion and Ernest Frankl.
From: 5.00
Raistrick, Arthur.
From: 3.50
Ellwood, J. K.
From: 5.00
Nicholson, John and edited by W. Dearden with a biographical sketch by John James
From: 10.00
Noakes, John
From: 2.00