Philosophy of Religion

Masterson, Patrick
From: 1.25
Toulmin, Stephen E., Ronald W. Hepburn and Alasdair MacIntyre
From: 8.00
Smart, Ninian
From: 3.00
Gardavsky, Vitezslav
From: 1.50
Durkheim, Émile
From: 4.50
Surin, Kenneth
From: 3.50
Swinburne, Richard
From: 12.00
Kierkegaard, Søren
From: 10.00
Hick, John H.
From: 3.50
Pailin, David A.
From: 3.50
Murdoch, Iris
From: 12.00
Pascal, Blaise
From: 1.25
Jackson, A. W.
From: 12.00
Bartley, W. W.
From: 2.00