The Short Story

Jenner, W. J. F. (ed).
From: 1.00
Gordimer, Nadine
From: 1.25
Morandini, Giuliana ( translated and introduced by Luisa Quartermaine ).
From: 2.00
Cacciatore, Vera
From: 9.00
wa Thiong'o, Ngugi
From: 2.50
Barnes, Julian
From: 1.50
Mansfield, Katherine
From: 1.00
Dickens, Charles and Peter Ackroyd.
From: 1.50
Singer, John (editor)
From: 25.00
Gallico, Paul.
From: 1.00
Gilbert, Elliot L.
From: 9.50
Kipling, Rudyard (ed by Peter Levi).
From: 1.00
Beerbohm, Max
From: 12.00
Twain, Mark.
From: 1.25