Other Religious Studies

Porter, J.R.
From: 9.00
Smart, Ninian
From: 3.00
Richardson, Alan (editor)
From: 9.50
Toulmin, Stephen E., Ronald W. Hepburn and Alasdair MacIntyre
From: 8.00
Durkheim, Émile
From: 4.50
Israel, Martin
From: 3.00
Gardavsky, Vitezslav
From: 1.50
Davies, Merryl Wyn
From: 2.00
Surin, Kenneth
From: 3.50
Swinburne, Richard
From: 12.00
Hick, John H.
From: 3.50
Hoff, Benjamin with illustrations by E. H. Shepard.
From: 6.00