Metaphysics / Ontology

Benardete, José A.
From: 3.50
Morewedge, Parviz (editor)
From: 10.00
Emmet, Dorothy
From: 12.00
Russell, Bertrand
From: 4.00
MacWilliam, John
From: 14.00
Toulmin, Stephen E., Ronald W. Hepburn and Alasdair MacIntyre
From: 8.00
Staniland, Hilary
From: 1.25
Penelhum, Terrance and J. J. MacIntosh (editors)
From: 8.00
Hegel, G. W. F.
From: 4.50
de Santillana, Giorgio
From: 5.00
White, Morton
From: 6.00
Loux, Michael J. (editor)
From: 7.00
Hobbes, Thomas
From: 6.00
Wollheim, Richard
From: 2.00
Hutchings, P. A. E.
From: 8.00