Literature in Translation

Cacciatore, Vera
From: 9.00
Balmer, Josephine (editor) with introduction by Michele Roberts.
From: 4.00
Márquez, Gabriel García
From: 1.50
Silkin, Jon (Editor)
From: 4.00
Brink, André.
From: 4.00
Spyri, Johanna
From: 1.50
Rilke, Rainer Maria.
From: 9.00
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
From: 3.00
Petronius translated by J. M. Mitchell
From: 7.00
Cocteau, Jean
From: 4.00
Jenner, W. J. F. (ed).
From: 1.00
Oh, Yong-Su
From: 6.00
Morandini, Giuliana ( translated and introduced by Luisa Quartermaine ).
From: 2.00