A-Level, Undergraduate Guides

Tallack, Douglas (editor).
From: 5.00
Bradbrook, F. W.
From: 2.00
Widdowson, Peter.
From: 1.50
Smith, T. W.
From: 1.25
Yeats, W. B. and edited by A. Norman Jeffares.
From: 3.00
Lubbock, Percy.
From: 2.00
Bottrall, Margaret (editor)
From: 4.00
Hobsbaum, Philip.
From: 3.00
Tredell, Nicolas (editor).
From: 5.00
Fraser, G. S.
From: 5.00
Shakespeare, William edited by Susanne L. Wofford.
From: 3.50
Coote, Stephen.
From: 1.00
Forster, E. M.
From: 1.50
Wolfreys, Julian (editor)
From: 9.00
Allen, Richard and Harish Trivedi (editors).
From: 8.00