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Second-hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.

Street Haunting, A London Adventure, 1927, by Virigina Woolf

Lawrence, T. E.
From: £5.00
Bayley, John.
From: £9.00
Cox, C.B. and Dyson, A.E. (Editors)
From: £5.00
Allen Brown, R.
From: £8.00
From: £3.00
From: £9.00
Taylor, Basil.
From: £3.00
Silkin, Jon (Editor)
From: £4.00
Brink, André.
From: £4.00
Dekker, Thomas
From: £20.00
Nasr, S. H.
From: £16.00
Strachey, Richard.
From: £6.00
Fletcher, Ian (ed).
From: £8.00
Wright, David.
From: £2.25
Furnival, John and Ann Knowles.
From: £5.00
Partridge, Jenny.
From: £3.00
Brazil, Angela
From: £1.75
Cockshut, A. O. J.
From: £5.00
FitzGerald, C. P.
From: £8.00
Arkell, David.
From: £12.00
Strommen, Judith Bernie
From: £1.25
Meigs, Cornelia with Elizabeth Nesbitt, Anne Eaton and Ruth Hill Viguers.
From: £28.00
Egan, Susanna.
From: £10.00

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